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Entry #1

Well hello there!

2007-12-11 13:50:17 by silkng

Greetings fellow humans and cats.

I come to share my musical delights with you. Each track will have a unique flavour to tickle your proverbial tastebuds. Ears. Earbuds. Whatever.

I don't really create mainstream / the stuff you'll hear in clubs. I tend to do original tunes that have themes and, hopefully, get better the more you hear them.

I do tend to create long-ish introductions because I like to tease my listeners and then explode a barrage of musical melody into their brains. You'll usually find on a second hearing, the intro does the tune justice and makes you beg for the main part of the tune, like a hungry dog at suppertime.

Please, enjoy my makings of musical mummifying marzipans.. but don't snip the tune after anything other than 2 minutes. Alien opera, for example, will make your brain explode with happy dizzy thoughts after 2:20, once the organ kicks in. Yeah, an organ, in a trance tune which has an alien "singing". Originality is my middle name. Automaton, on the otherhand, will have you all warm and fuzzy for at least 2 minutes before unleashing some wicked adrenaline which you weren't expecting but love nonetheless.

Well, you get the drift. My songs are like sex. Take your time with them, to get the most out of them.



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2007-12-11 16:13:01

whats up baby,im so high

silkng responds:

Listen to Automaton then! Made it when stoned, a loong time ago.


2007-12-11 18:34:01

So, what program do you use?

silkng responds:

May as well get the mocking over with.. Ejay!

My older tunes use older, quite limited versions where basically you had your volume controls, panning and samples to drag and drop. Insert an ear for music and anyone can crank out a tune - which is a good thing and a bad thing! Personally I'm proud that I manged the likes of automaton using rave ejay, which is the oldest ejay I think. Had a whopping eight tracks.. yeah, eight. wowzers! But it still sounds great (imo).

It ain't the tools, it's the person.

My newer stuff (Winds of change) uses Techno 5 and beyond, which is a significant change as the software actually became real flexible at that point in terms of just how many different sounds you can create (limitless, actually, same as any respectable music package.. yey!). So now I can really get creative, when I get more time.. just a shame I can't sing :p


2007-12-12 11:43:32

Well that sure as hell is well done for a program like friggin ejay

silkng responds:

If only I had the time or brainpower to learn the more advanced programs. I often hum completely made up stuff and think.. darn that'd sound good in a track. But no idea how to make it into a tune. Do the best I can with samples instead..


2007-12-12 12:23:10

Luckily I'm a talking cat with a custom keyboard and pen-tablet! Which reminds me... I love to hear your art when I'm drawing :3

(Updated ) silkng responds:

Miaow? Mew, mew. puuuurrrrp! *paw paw*

Always wanted a pen tablet thingy. It's so hard to draw with a mouse, as my avatar shows I'm sure!