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So.. elements.

2007-12-14 13:20:58 by silkng

All 4 elemental based tunes are now available!

Spiritual Earth

Give them a try. :)


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2007-12-23 16:56:27

I am definitely going to air Downpour, and maybe Galeforce, but I'm on the fence.

I'd like to remix Galeforce though :) Let me know.

silkng responds:

Hey there, sorry for the delay. Wow, you wanna air one of my tracks? That's pretty cool..

You have my permission to remix galeforce.. where do you air? :)


2008-02-16 01:58:52

Inferno feels more like a balencing act of the elements that leans towards fire rather then one that is fire, i think thats because i can hear bits form the other elemental songs. Out of the for of them i like Galeforce and Downpour the best, got them on my Ipod :). But my fav of your songs in Winds of Change, in been put onto the fav list of all my music devices. :)


2008-02-16 02:00:45

sorry for the spelling in my 1st comment im dead tired and im not even sure why im still on my comp and not sleeping


2008-02-20 13:05:24

Um... I'm only 14, so just getting started in my hometown with some cheap equipment. Nothing huge. I'll get back to you.


2008-04-18 01:40:57

You seem to have fallin off the face of the earth :(. And i really like some of your submissions.